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Hello, dear visitors of the site, prospective and regular clients!

We are pleased to introduce You high-quality household appliances, which is manufactured in Russia or elsewhere in the east. It's reliable, next-generation, good looking and functional devices designed to perform many activities in Your farm: 

Mills will grind or crush corn and other feed, chopped hay (straw), and the grass roots; modern but simple incubator will help to hatched chicks (goslings, ducklings, pigeons, pheasants, quail and other birds); milking equipment can milk a cow (goat , mares, camels) and separate the cream from the milk with varying speed separator; beat butter in an electric butter churn.

We also offer:

Wheelbarrows; wash basin with water heater; autonomous or diesel heaters; reduces heating plates ("soft" heat); Motoblocks (walk-behind tractors); woodworking machines; solar panels; heat exchangers; power plant working on solid fuel and more very useful equipment to facilitate the farmer - host's hard work.

Because only with modern technology your production will be cheaper and competitive in the market. First of all, we offer household equipment which is simply wired with the 230V (European standard up to 250V) power grid, in to the "simple" electrical outlet (wall socket). With three-phase (400V) electrical connection is able to offer the same or more powerful devices. All equipment sold by our guarantee of peace, we have spare parts: engines, knives, strainers, and so on.

Also apply other promotions, please contact us by phone.: 8643 85 888, 8 652 94 888, 8 671 85 888, (8-5) 268 33 75

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